Is it possible to add storage to a laptop?

My new laptop in my low price class is great aside from having extremely small storage. At the moment I have less than 3gb free storage and I have no photos or documents saved I put those on google drive to clear as my storage as possible... :P
I know there are external storages like USB sticks and those memory cards you put in your phone but I dont understand? If I put for example a memory card in my laptop wont that just work as such that I can transfer files to it and same with a USB?... I am wondering if you can add actual storage to your laptop like to inside your laptop so you can download things on your laptop like games and programmes and run them in your laptop as usual except they go on the external memory instead of the one inside the laptop? Does that exist??? I saw that there are "portable external harddrives" for very expensive several hundred you know but I dont understand what they do? Is anyone tech savvy here??

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