Is it possible to act natural beside a pretty girl

Guys, I find it extremely difficult to control my body and thoughts when I'm sitting beside a random stranger who is pretty... Let me give you an example, on the bus, whenever I sit with someone pretty, there's no way I can stop thinking about it, and then my legs start to jerk for no reason when I know I'm not asking my leg to do that at all, it's like my legs are not in tune with my brain and it starts to jerk every now and then when I sit beside a pretty girl...

Another example, in church when I sit beside a pretty girl during sermons, my whole body starts to feel lifted as if it's controlling itself and I start to get a crushing feeling around my body and after that my leg starts to jerk as well.

This is way too hard for me to deal with and I really need to cure this problem, any solutions??

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  • Get naked on a nude beach. It will help you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. Boner control is an additional side benefit.

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  • Just be yourself and don't be fake... That is better...

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  • If you have stopped taking your medication,I recommend you start taking it again,asap!

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  • Alright I got the message, from now on whatever it is I will do my best to stop shaking it, be it needing to put my palms on both legs, I think that's considered pretty natural already and it might work out well. Thanks for the tips y'all, looking forward to meeting pretty girls naturally ;)

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  • So what you mean is that I just let my leg shake, my body go crazy all the jerks and just let it all go?? Isn't that like making myself get friendzoned, let's say they were my church friends?

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