Is it notmal that i feel high when im not?

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SO! Hi guyes. I'm apparenlty not bipola =r but i really think i am. basically i,m rapid cycling and feeling really manic right now!! Like i feel HIGH dudes. Its wild, but im not. and two days ago i was really dewprewsed! Byt my 5therapisrt said that i have some bipolr symptoms but im missing some ke7y things to be truly bipolr. so wht do ypu a;l think! LOL sorry if this is not belong here ily all

EDIT: Yes, I realize that the above post is riddled with typos. I was and still am quite manic. My question is, is it normal to feel high when you're not?

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  • U on meds?

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  • If you are rapidly cycling then you aren't bipolar. Manic and depressive phases for a bipolar person will stretch out for months at a time.

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    • That's not necessarily true: I've known people with bipolar who swing from one extreme to another over the course of a day. The condition can take many forms.

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  • If you feel high, then you are high. And you're not bipolar but your therapist says you have some bipolar symptoms? It sounds to me as if you probably are in fact bipolar.

    If I were you I'd check this out again with your therapist and if necessary get a second opinion.

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