Is it normal when this happen

When I get high occasionally, I start to think bout a whole lotta things. I start to conclude life as a short trend and I actually talk a whole lot bout it...friends, parents, jobs, sucessful people, poor people and all that

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  • Don't make decisions about your life while high

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  • smoking cannibals makes you dumber. yes this post makes sense.

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  • What? Normal

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  • I jerk off naked

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  • This is how addiction like yourself better when your high....after awhile its not so cool anymore but ya still need the buzz just to feel normal. Then when this type of drug stops working so well, cuz your not feeling the cheer like when you first tend to move on to harder drugs to try to chase that first high...but it don't me!

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  • Yes it's normal. Getting high makes me think a lot more. Sobriety is the best way to think clearly though.

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