Is it normal to wish you were a psychopath

I find myself very often wishing I was a psychopath. I hear that they seem charismatic and can mimic empathy and at the same time feel no emotional attachment to anything or anyone.

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  • So are you just saying you wish you were more charismatic and less emotional?
    Or are you saying that you actually want to be a heartless manipulator?
    Most psychopaths live very normal lives anyway ..

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  • I'll assume it's because you're not charismatic and have trouble showing empathy. Even then, it's not normal to want to be a psychopath. Work on yourself. Put yourself in others' positions. Just be more comfortable with people.

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  • So you want to be a soulless piece of shit psycho?

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  • Normal. Maybe you just want an easier life. Emotional attachments to others may give us happiness, but they can also cause us much pain.

    Being charismatic is a useful quality, so it's not weird that you'd desire that. Honestly, I've felt similar to you.

    There's a video on YouTube called "Psychopath for a Day (short film)". This video explores some of the upsides of psychopathy.

    The dude in the video basically doesn't give a shit about anything; he seems rather easy going. Even an angry customer that usually would've messed up his day when he had his emotions was simply an insignificant amusement.

    However, the next day, he realizes how terribly he had treated his loved ones because of his own lack of feeling.

    I imagine many psychopaths who live normal lives have to carefully screen their actions and words to make sure that they're in accordance with social norms and their own morals.

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  • There are a lot of psychopaths I would like to shoot in the head. Like those psychopathic surgeons that killed Rodney Dangerfield on the operating table.

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  • I think you are confused with Sociopath.

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  • You'd have to be one to even think like that.

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