Is it normal to wish i wasn't born?

im not suicidal anymore, i'm actually doing decently but i still wish i wasn't born. is that normal?

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  • Everyone feels like that from time to time.

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  • Yes that is normal; life is tough.

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  • i mean unless you disappointment your parent
    maybe its normal?

    but no its not normal i guess

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  • While we didn't have a say in our birth we get to decide how we live it. If at the end of the day you find yourself unable to find happiness by the things you've done/achieved for yourself, perhaps you should consider working toward helping others? Become a volunteer worker? a carer? Someone who gives often finds reward in the smiles and gratitude of those they help. :)

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  • Still sounds a little suicidal, sorry.

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  • The best advice would be " U should overcome your problems and bad thoughts & after U Overcome it ,and when the time passes ,U would smile & think that it was a small problem.

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  • It's normal and not normal at the same time

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  • Everyone had that wish at some point in their life. But if you be patent and use your brain you can overcome that situation which was bothering you about your birth
    (Sorry for bad English)

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  • No. It's not normal.

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