Is it normal to watch gameplays for video games instead of gaming?

Since I cannot afford any gaming console like PS4 and XBOX one or a gaming PC, I resort to watching gameplays for games like "God Of War 4" or "Detroit become Human" in youtube.

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  • Twitch has some good stuff :)

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  • Yes absolutely. That way you can enjoy the medium and avoid the technology and coast that it brings. Plus the youtuber can add value to the gameplay.

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  • I watched a shit ton of Become Human on YouTube by Swing Poynt and Cheng Teoh.

    I've also watched a full playthrough movie thing by Gamers Little Playground before I watched the aforementioned.

    I'm not buying a console for 1 game, so this is the next best thing.

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  • Normal. Not everyone can afford those 700 dollar consoles. I play old games on my pc using emulators.
    Modern games suck imo, they are just about graphics.

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  • If you have an old or cheap PC you can still play undemanding retro and indie games on it.

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  • My kid lobes watching people play minecraft.

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