Is it normal to want to learn russian (but only) in the winter?

I have no connection to Russia. The feeling disappears in the spring. Difficult to learn a language for only one fourth of the year...

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  • When I studied Russian the books had a lot of winter scenes in them.

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  • When speakin russian you need to blink very slowly inbetween sentences. This will make you appear more russian.

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  • My wife would tell you that it's always a good thing to learn Russian as so many things are written in Russian.

    I've picked up a bit of it from her.

    Russian is her 2nd language - but was the prominent one when she grew up in the Soviet Union (her native language is Ukrainian). She is fully fluent and a natural Russian conversationalist.

    Her 3rd language is English (which she is still mastering).

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  • Russian looks cool to study.

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  • Have you seen the Nutcracker ballet?

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