Is it normal to want to find out if your dad has a smal penis like you

I think i have a small penis. I have measured and apparently i am average but, i am still not convinced that i am when i am soft.

I wanted to see if small penises run in the family so, one time while my father was having a shower, i peeped.

It does run in the family. :(

Is it normal that i wanted to find out if my penis size was genetically passed down by looking at my dad's?

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  • All penises are small when they are flacid. There is no way to tell the size of a man's penis when he isn't erect.

    It's normal what you did, but I'd definitely keep it to yourself.

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  • In my opinion, most guys care about penis size. And it's particularly in their teens that they're more curious. So trying to find out the average penis size in your family is not uncommon.

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  • That's really wierd...

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