Is it normal to want to do drugs when you've never done them before?

I have never done drugs ever and I know that I shouldn't because of how horrible they are and all the ways they can hurt you. But I just feel like this urge that I just need to buy or get drugs/alcohol even though I have no reason for this. So is it normal to feel this urge?

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  • Depends as “doing drugs” is a pretty broad statement.

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  • I knew of a guy who got hooked on heroine. He said he "was curious as to what it was like".

    Long story short, he was in a treatment program & on some meds to help him overcome his addiction. He shouldn't have been driving while on those meds but he did...had a collision... now he's basically a vegetable for the rest of his life. Just sits there like a piece of furniture that drools & poops.

    Yay, party!!!!

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  • most addicts say they wish they never started

    but before they get to that point where their life is wrecked drugs are kinda fun and make an otherwise borin time excitin

    yeah its normal to wanna see what all the hubbub is about but do so at your peril

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  • You sound like you want to escape your reality.

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  • well that's why people start in the first place, they felt the urge to try

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  • I was the very same way, like 6 years ago I went through a phase of like being obsessed with drugs, especially heroin, and researching like how they affected you and all the different drugs, etc. It was my special interest at the time. I also had the urge to try them, but I never did and most likely never will, because I also think it's not worth it. But I did just find them very interesting and fascinating.
    Despite my being obsessed with drugs, the closest thing I have ever got to doing drugs is drinking cannabis tea and CBD oil. Lol. Which didn't have any effect on me anyway and also doesn't contain THC (the component which makes you high).

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  • I will never do drugs, I'm just wondering if it's normal to feel the urge to.

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