Is it normal to want to buy things all the time? both food and clothes

I feel like I always wanna buy things. It feels like a guilty pleasure to spend money. Does anyone once else feel this way?

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  • What you are experiencing is a form of addiction no different than what the sad soulless heroin zombies nodding off on street corners deal with. When you spend irresponsibly dopamine is released in your brain. The "reward chemical" your body makes to feel pleasure. The junkies get the same when they do their drug.

    Eventually, this will cause you to only be happy when you are spending and it will ruin your life. You have this one short time to recognize and correct dangerous behavior before it spirals out of control. I would suggest to you a plan to sit down and create a chart of only the necessary things you need to purchase in order to live comfortably. And stick to that chart no matter what for at a base minimum of 3 months. 6 months to a year would be better but we are all human so none of us are perfect. You stand on the edge of a chasm. Do tread carefully and try not to fall.

    Good luck to you...

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  • I do the same thing. I wish I could stop.

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  • Shopping can become an addiction, luckily for me I don't have enough cash for that to happen.😌

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  • If the money is not your or you made it by hardwork and its limited then surely it's not normal.
    Use every penny wisely.or make financial planning, then you can enjoy without guilty feeling.

    Or else you can do

    Buy things and sell them again to buy more.

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  • It probably depends on numerous factors.

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  • It fills the void. I like clothes but i like makeup more.

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  • In my experience men hate shopping and you are obviously a man so no its not normal

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    • I'm a type A man's man. working in the carpentry trade as a 4th generation carpenter, raised by men who look down their nose at anything deemed not "manly". I love shopping. I will say I approach shopping in a streamlined, efficiency minded manner. I dont roam or dawdle.

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