Is it normal to want to break someones nose in middle of street?

Just having this feeling of someone who keeps pestering or teasing me, just to walk nearby and break off the nose.

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  • Whiskey and coke used to make me almost pray somebody would start shit with me at the bar. Id go in there just itching to fight someone on that shit.

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    • Or the best of all, just do the substances home for the purposes of having fun and the exploration of stimulated, altered consciousness without the need to suffer the consequences as result of causing someone else a bodily damage. You've got the substances to play with, why do you really need to fight someone?

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  • Wait break it or break it off? One is so much better than the other

    No it's not normal lol

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  • Every time i'm in a public venue I always look around & think to myself 'What would I have to do to win if someone/the whole room jumped me' & I constantly think about hurting people I don't like/who annoy me.
    So I say normal.

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