Is it normal to want to be lazy for rest of my life?

I depend on my parents too much. Can't go by myself without a parent. I just want to be forever lazy in a mental hospital, not doing shit. I am scared as fuck about being independent without a parent.

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  • Go to a therapist now!

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  • It sounds like you have anxiety and self esteem issues and the behavior comes off lazy but you actually have fear of being incompetent in the way. This can most definitely be worked on with a good therapist. It will be worth it and should be done in small steps. Set small independent goals, realistic for you and take mastery when they are done. Discuss coping skills to get them done w/therapist. Gradually you will change.

    Anyway If you are truly lazy and want to stay that way, vote for the hard left, they are promising money to people who don’t want to work. We can tax the rich until everyone is poor again!

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  • Go try it and see how life hits back at you.

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  • If everybody got on the same boat as you it would sink.

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  • it also depends how old are you

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