Is it normal to want to apologize to someone for breaking their heart

I had a friend, he was there for me through a lot. I had a boyfriend who seemed to be off and on at the time and I was ignorant to my friend's feelings. Personally, I feel as if I regret not choosing him but now me and my boyfriend are stable and we're doing really well (I also don't know if I should apologize in respect of my boyfriend). I want to apologize to that friend, even though I know I technically don't owe him anything. I want to apologize to him, as he is seemingly the perfect guy, smart, kind, strong. We stopped contact for nearly a year now but the guilt still hurts me. I truly want to apologize but I don't know if it'd open closed wounds or make it seem like I'm just full of myself-Apologize for being ignorant of his feelings and using him as a crutch when I needed someone but not being there for him-. I really want to open our relationship up again but only as friends. I know that much is impossible. But should I apologize in the end?

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