Is it normal to want sex with my dad

i am 19 years old and in a loving and stable relationship. i have been for the last 6 years.
but there is a part of me that pines for my father. my father is 48 and very athletic and in my eyes very handsome. but a few years ago my oldest sister came out and said that my father had sexually abused her, and only last year my 16 year old sister said the same that my father had abused her, although this is hard to believe, because my father always seemed like a normal and loving father, i can not help wishing it were true, and that it was me he abused, i live on my own and at night id lay awake wishing my father would be there with me.
sometimes i would masturbate and imagine it was my father touching me and abusing me. sometimes i would take it to another level and flirt with my father only to be knocked back. i do not believe my father abused my two sisters, because if this were true he would want a sexual relationship with me to.
i am so confused about this because i want to have sex with my father but i also know that it is wrong. i am a very good looking girl and i have been with my boyfriend for the last 6 years and we have a very healthy sex life although my partner has never been able to stimulate me sexually the only way i seem to be able to orgasm is to be "raped" by my boyfriend when we role play and he pretends to be my father raping me or the other way i manage to orgasm is but masturbating and imagining its my father on top of me raping me or abusing me.
is it normal for me to want to have sex/be raped by my father i think i need help because it sounds wrong but it doesnt feel wrong to me help me please.......

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  • Incest is an abundantly common fantasy. So is rape, even amongst people who have never been abused or raped. You could call it human nature.

    Even as early as ancient greece it was a theme that people talked about (see Oedipus Rex)

    A vast majority of pornography on the internet is devoted to incest. Like it or not the internet is flooded with child pornography.

    When you say, "abuse," I wonder what you really mean. That is not a neutral term, but if you are an adult, and in your fantasy you are enjoying what is happening to you, does that count as abuse?

    I think you should take your sisters seriously. They wouldn't have any reason to lie to you.

    Have you told you dad about it? Acting on your fantasies may or may not be wrong, that isn't so absolute; usually what we consider right or wrong has a lot to do with our culture.

    Acting on your desires is one thing, but to talk to your dad about it is a different thing.

    Maybe you can come to an understanding and stop looking at your sisters as liars. If they feel hurt by what happened, I think they deserve your empathy as family.

    I've never been sexually molested by my mom, of this I am certain, but I do have fantasies of having sex with her.

    I used to think I was fucked up, but then I came to terms with it.

    I also have fantasies of raping people, but I have never done it.

    I've been with girls who ALSO have never been raped, but they like to roleplay so we both have a good time and nobody is harmed and we still greatly respect each other the next day.

    I admire you for expressing something that most people have a gut reflex reaction of disgust for.

    I think it is harmful to good conversation for them to react from hatred, and to assume that you MUST be a victim and that your desires MUST necessarily make you fucked up and mentally damaged.

    IMO, that attitude cases way more violence to a person's emotional well being than any sexual pleasure between 2 consenting people possibly could.

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  • Are you sure you weren't also abused by him? Some women cannot achieve orgasm unless they relive the abuse they were subjected to. You may have been sexually abused too if you have to fantasize or reinact a rape scene involving your father to achieve orgasm. If you were to go to counseling to get to the bottom of this, you may find out what really happened. You must ask yourself though, what if you figure out you were also one of his victims? Will you be happy with this news or live a lifetime of guilt and anxiety like most young women in this situation do?

    There are as many sides to stories like this. I openly flirted with my father, and acted sexually innapropriate with him starting when I was a young teenager. I wanted to have sex with him so badly. I know I excited him, but he had the good sense to wait until I was 20 yrs old to act on it. We had sex for an entire weekend at that time, but I think the passion it incited scared both of us. It was several years later when we finally started having a sexual relationship. We both enjoyed it so much, but it was totally consensual and I have only looked back on it with fond memories.

    I am so sorry when people are so quick to condemn those who wish to have a sexual relationship with a family member. If the younger person is of the age of sexual consent, it is their business and no one elses. It surprises me how many people get on these sites only to shame and curse those who have this desire. Why don't they stick to sites that they enjoy instead of trying to make others feel badly about themselves?

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  • Yes. Well I am very disappointed at the three comments on here. The three comments up above are from you typical conventional wisdom types. With no insight or out sight. Probably religious and just part of the circus and doing nothing but repeating the same well worn script everyone else is touting.

    There is nothing wrong with your wants. I know so may people that have been with their father, girls are just naturally attracted to their dads. Dads also to their daughters. Same with boys and moms. People just don't admit to it because of what society has built up against it.

    If it feels right, then it is right. Just another man and woman having a great time naturally.

    Don't feel bad about your feeling..... okay.....? It is just natural.

    Take care love.

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  • Shame on you two for cursing this girl out. This kind of thing really pisses me off. How can we talk about abuse and sexual desires that we have to hide if people keep insulting each other instead of trying to figure it out?

    First off ... how do you know you were never abused by your father? Many people simply repress the memory -- although it's there. This can come out later in life for a longing for that abuser, which seems strange but it happens. Because our minds, on some level, want to go back to the time we were hurt and reprocess it into something we >wanted< so that we can gain some sort of control over the situaion.

    Secondly ... if you were not abused by your father, a part of you might want to be because you found out that your sisters were. In a culture that equates sex with love, you might feel your father doesn't see you as attractive enough, which is what I suspect since you comment on how good looking you are. So the desire for a father to abuse you could simply be the desire for a father to pay attention to you, to treat you as if your were special, and to dote on you. But as the first poster stated, pedophiles know which marks are risky and which ones are not. Chances are, if you were not abused, it was because you were the stronger of the three.

    Third ... chances are that if two of your sisters say they were abused by your dad, they were. People do not accept these accusations because they destroy families and destroy what you THOUGHT your family was. My family on the outside is the perfect family, we love with other and we have fun with other, and it's easy to forget because you want to forget. But it's not the accuser who kills the family, it's the perpetrator.

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    • bluebellraze (39261)
      you hit it right on the head.the other options are.
      4. She knew what was going on with her sisters and repressed those memories.
      5.She was skipped because she was in the middle and was spared because he only abused one at a time so once he was done with the older one the youngest was an easier target.

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  • You don't find it a really strange coincidence that BOTH your sisters said your father had abused them AND you have strong desire to fuck your dad?

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  • Find out if your father feels the same way, if he does, lay down and spread your legs.

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  • I think it is normal to have these types of fantasies.
    You love your dad and he is the most important man in your life. It's normal to feel sexual attraction. I feel the same thing for my dad. Your fantasy about it being rape is probably because you feel too guilty to face your feelings of desire. You want to have sex with him, but you don't want to be responsible for it. So, it relieves your guilt for you to imagine that he "forces" you to have sex.
    We're all just human beings and we're all wired for sex. We don't have control over desires, only our actions. So, don't feel guilty.

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  • Sometimes i feel that way to

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  • How dare you not believe your sisters?

    He doesn't WANT you, because you are not young- they only want to victimize young girls. Be grateful you are not messed up for the rest of your life by this ass.

    Oh, maybe you are. No, I have NEVER had the desire to be sexually abused by my father- and he DID abuse my sister. She was emotionally more vulnerable, being 'daddy's girl', had low self esteem [so-so grades], & able to keep a secret. I was the smart one, big mouth, and would have told in a minute. You think pedophiles don't KNOW that? You were not a good target....

    seek help, and believe your sisters.

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    • From my own experience of repressing from not long after his death until recently the memory of happily "consenting" to have sex with my dad from the age of 15 to his death at 20 (albeit intermittent because I was at boarding school/university), I think it is always possible that this woman is doing the same - repressing it.
      My repression began to reveal itself in erotic and sensual dreams about my father and in voices in my head (personae/characters in my writing =whatever - with similar names to me) talking about(me feeling compelled to write about father-daughter sex.
      When you physically, sexually, physiologically enjoy the experience (and women are aroused -strongly - during even familial sex) it can make it harder to process or accept, especially when you begin to realise and understand fully society's strictures on familial sex.

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  • i loved a girl very much but she was messed up in the head . Her dad a freemason started having anal sex with her very young. he mother starved herself to death, her sister ran away from home. She just didnt seem all there, She saw nothing wrong with incest and let her dad visit and have sex with her. she said its just a social taboo and nothing is truly wrong with the idea. He would only use her butthole and i only used her vagina she didnt like sucking off or on a penis at all. I think is was because her dads penis smelled like butt all the time she grew up. she is 58 now and a cat lady. her dad is dead.

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  • There is a big difference between the fantasy and the actual activity. You already know this of course.

    I believe that your sister's were a used by your father. I also believe that you want him at least partialy because of this very thing. I think you feel that, because he dis these things with them, that he loved than more than you and you feel "left out" although what happened to them was so terrible wrong.

    The father daughter fantasy is very powerful. When combined with the forced rape part of your fantasy, it's much more difficult to fathom.

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  • has anything happened yet?
    do you want something to happen?

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  • Before getting into whether your "feelings" for dad are normal first take some time to think about these two points.

    1) Was it hard to meet up to his standards much of the time?

    2) Is there a bit of jealousy behind the sister's having been with him. Not that you wish you were molested, but the fact that his actions with them may have been something he refused to do with you.

    If his standards were high than a rape / force fantasy means ultimate satisfaction for him, AND hardly any work for you. But you end up moving from the girl trying to please dad with what you accomplish to being the actual item that both pleases him while you experience his pleasure.

    About the jealousy thing, there's no shame in that, I mean hell, if you're just as cute, why not you. It COULD be that he did, BUT alot of these guys start with the younger girl. While she grows older his "good thing" would obviouly get jealous. So if you feel it's personal just remember, the overlap between you to the youngest could actually be because his trist with the older sis was going on while you would have been an option. And with more "playmates" there's risk of awareness. Especially jealous ones.

    Think on those and when you're done post a reply as to whether you're still into him.

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  • eww^ what the hell.. It sounds like u r mentally retarded.. THat is just SICK and DISGUSTING to have SEX with YOUR OWN DAD! Believe ur sisters smart ass.. Wooooow I swear PEOPLE THESE DAYS DONT UNDERSTAND!

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  • OK! im sorry to say, but that is just fucking sick ok. Your sister's would never make up something so evil! I can't actually believe you don't believe them! i have been raped/sexually abused from when i was 4 until i was 8 of a cousin, and its not something you wish to fucking happen to you, you sick minded person. Yeah, you need help.. i think you have mental problems. You want to be fucking grateful, it fucks your mind up having this happen to you.

    i can't believe you, i really cant!

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  • The comments above are ideal for you. I won't say much, because this deal is screwed up on many levels. Such attraction to your dad conjoined with a history of sexual abuse (which you choose not to believe...a feeble and spineless attempt to make him a human in your mind rather than the monster that he is.)

    My dear, whatever you can afford professionally you're going to need it

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  • sick...

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  • I think your dad wont touch u because he thinks ur testing him.

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  • Holy shit some of you are twisted fucks with your perverse lust for incest! I'm pretty much ok with you having a painful death in the near future.

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