Is it normal to use this website as a journal?

Sometimes I like to record and talk about how I feel to other people, whoever they may be. Most of the time recording my feelings while posting on what I want to post about. I know most probably don't do what I do but I mostly use this website as a journal to date things and talk about various topics.

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  • It’s normal, just please be careful with sharing very personal or deep experiences because not all people have the best intentions and can say some hurtful things.

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  • I almost feel tempted to do the same tbh. I also get the impression that a lot of us use this site as a kind of roleplay or collaborative creative writing project, and some people just use it to shitpost. It's really not wrong regardless in my opinion

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  • Not a great format for journaling. Eventually you'll get shadow-banned or your account suspended. All of the content you generated and might want to reflect on later will be gone or inaccessible because of the whims of a moderator.

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