Is it normal to use body wash for your hair?

Everytime i go to wash my hair, i use body wash instead of shampoo and conditioner. Like, is it normal?

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  • If you're happy with how your hair looks and you don't have any problems with dryness, flaking or itching, why spend loads of money on a plastic bottle of stuff with a fancy label and a multi-million dollar ad campaign behind it?

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  • You can dry out your hair doing that

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  • I think a lot of people just use some form of 2 in 1, body wash + shampoo, if they are going to do that. I could be wrong, but I don't think it is great for your hair to be using something that isn't made to clean hair.

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    • well, it works better for me than other stuff

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  • I won't vote, because that's a habit i have myself. And i wasn't so sure either. It's just because im always trying to smell as good as I can, and i always use body wash on my hair.

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