Is it normal to travel a lot at age 36?

My sister travels all over the world at 36 with her friends and fiance

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  • Why not? If you have the money do whatever the hell you want with it.

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  • It's unusual but this is what I would be doing if I had the money. But I consider that I've travelled more than the average human being. I would like to visit Madagascar one day and also the Seychelles.

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  • If the content found in the question appears more normal than the question itself, then it is likely quite normal.

    Ponder that.

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  • In my 20s I knew this girl around my age who would get a job, save up enough money to go traveling, come back right as she running out, find a new job, and repeat the process. I wonder if she's still doing that in her 30s. It doesn't seem very sustainable

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