Is it normal to think your kid is ugly?

I just wanted a nice beautiful girl but she turned out to be ugly. I have to lie to her and tell her she’s pretty but I honestly just wish she was pretty. She isn’t though. What do I do?

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  • Ask your parents how they dealt with it. They probably still lie to you and tell you you're pretty.

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  • How tragic for you that life hasn't worked out as you hoped.

    I have a daughter who I think is an attractive kid, but the only way I'd ever tell her that was if someone said she wasn't and she was upset about it.

    But then I'm not a shallow dickhead who believes that the value of girls is determined by how physically attractive they are.

    Lying to your kids is never a good idea; sooner or later, they figure out that you haven't been telling the truth, and that calls into question everything you've ever said. Expecting you to grow the fuck up is probably too much to hope for, but you could try to stop lying to her about her appearance and find other, more significant things to compliment her about.

    Attractive people automatically have several advantages in life. It's possible your daughter will become more attractive as she gets older, but it seems likely she won't be able to count on getting a pass for things the way prettier people do. So she's going to have to work harder in life, and probably the best thing you can do is make a point of praising her whenever she strives hard and long to accomplish something she found challenging.

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  • I mean to be fair most kids are pretty stupid and awkward looking

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  • Beauty of anyone does not matter, supporting them in your family does.

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  • First of all, looks are not the most important thing about a person. Focus on teaching her to become the best person she can be instead.

    Also, a lot of kids go through awkward stages and turn out looking just fine, so maybe she'll outgrow it. If not, it's still not an issue as long as she's a good person. I mean, which would you rather have, an unattractive or very plain looking child who happens to be a good person, or a good looking one who turns out to be like Jeffrey Dahmer? There are much worse things in life than being unattractive or having an unattractive child.

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  • She’ll probably turn out to be beautiful.

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  • Don't ever tell your child that she isn't beautiful in your eyes!

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  • Just nod and say yes. No need to say the obvious and make her feel shit about herself.

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  • I don’t think I could love an unattractive child, especially not a girl. I would definitely have much higher standards of intelligence, charm and popularity for her.

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