Is it normal to think this is the mere reason death of loved one is scary?

When you're mourning and grieving over, and that the person is not going to come back and that the person is completely gone, along with identity, and consciousness that she/he won't be ever there to support your grief, not anytime in this world, not in afterlife and not even in trillion years, even when the universe is destroyed and reconstructed from the beginning.

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  • It is pretty weird that someone who may have been there for you, your entire life, suddenly doesn't exist anymore.
    Like the flick of a switch...poof.

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  • I believe in an afterlife. I started having dreams about my dead mother recently, and for that I'm grateful. My mother passed away from a heart attack on the morning of 8-13-2022. Grief seems to come in waves.

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    • Same, eternal oblivion feels too harsh and heavy to believe in idea of eternal consciousness annihilation.

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