Is it normal to think that cold has a distinct smell?

Not just the object, but cold temperature has a smell on its own. Its also not the same as just the feeling of cold on your body. Its strange.

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  • i swear snow smells like milk to me

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  • The cold air feels fresh!

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  • Yep each season has its own aroma.

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  • I think it is. For me, it's a fresh, clean odor/sensation. Sometimes I get a hint of ozone in extreme cold. Might be some science to that but I've never looked it up.

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  • I would say it's just the opposite.
    It's the warm air that has a smell to it. It is the humidity factor. Warm air normally carries higher humidity unless you are in a desert or very dry type inviroment.

    Either way it's the humidity that carries the smell. If it's real cold with low humidity then you are smelling fresh air.
    Kind of like going to the beach. You always smell that salt water beachy smell, it's the humidity that carries that smell.

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  • I smell it too and it can sometimes be refreshing after a hard work day. XD

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  • I see what you mean, the way the cold hits the inside of my nostrils makes things smell fresh.

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    • Its sharp air. While warm and hot air just feels more round.

      It's weird to describe air like that.

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