Is it normal to think riches isn't a sin?

Riches isn't a bloody sin, that is, if you read the Old Testament. It says money is a gift from God, that God will let you have your possessions but not let you enjoy it (not literally, because that means thieves will come in to steal them). Therefore money and possessions have a spiritual significance and must be respected. He who is not rich is a poor man, and that's bad. It's not obvious but God wants you to be happy and though I'm Christian I'm not the type who will obey the New Testament, you're clean without connection to Jesus. Whatever is good or bad for the soul, man makes it up, religion is always cleverly inventing its own rules and the bizarre rules of Puritanism, though saintly, aren't put there to stop your freedom. Man can drink alcohol, why shouldn't he? And he can be rich. Anyone without money or possessions is making themselves miserable, God doesn't take away any of man's comforts, it's not a sin to be rich, is that normal?

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  • 'Anyone without money or possessions is making themselves miserable'
    Are you spending all your money on crack or something?

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  • "Money is the route of all evil." Have you heard this quote?

    The full quote is supposed to be, "LOVE of money is the route of all evil."

    Being rich is not a sin. Commiting sins is what counts, with money merely giving people more opportunity. You can't pay someone enough to be a better or worse person. That's a choice people make for themselves.

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  • The only sin is to have a high quality of life without helping others achieve that same standard of quality of life, or expecting something in return for doing so.

    If you're rich and support policies that make rich people richer, you deserve none of your money and power.

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  • I an not religious in the normal sense but I remember a passage that goes like "it's easier to jump through the eye of a needle as it is for a rich man to enter heaven".

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  • i guess i really dont give a fuck what any religions thinka my finances

    peoples like yall sure works hard to try and make me though doncha?

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