Is it normal to think religious people know nothing about nature?

What does a spiritual person, a Catholic, a jew, a Luciferian, and even a Buddhist know about nature? It's all concerned with the paranormal, the supernatural, they know nothing about nature, and they know nothing about what's natural. Therefore hippies know nothing about nature: nature isn't religious except atheist or antitheist, it's not spiritual, it's not supernatural and it's not impossible, none of the rest of the religious people know about nature, they're concerned with being dead in the real world and magically waking up somewhere else, and of ghosts, angels, gods, magick, telekinesis, etc, Taoists are not natural, they're religious, and magicians are not natural, they're religious, a true nature lover isn't spiritual, spirituality is living in a fantasy world. But how do you explain me seeing Lucifer in everyone? It happens to be true, not everything is natural, however it's part of my nature. Is that normal?

Is It Normal?
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