Is it normal to think michael jackson's ghost is watching me?

I have a question to ask and I truly hope I am not insane although it may seem like I am.

I'm not here to insult or offend anyone, I just want to know if this feeling I have is normal or not.

So I am a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson, and ever since I was a kid I listened to his music all the time. I even tried dancing like him but obviously failed lol. Anyway, on the day he passed; I had no idea about it until late in the afternoon. I was devastated' I literally cried all day until night. Sometime during that night I was watching the news and a report about his death when I felt something sit next to me on my bed even though I was laying down.

I thought it was my cat at first; but I looked up and nothing was there, not even a living human being, though it felt like someone actually sat on my bed next to me. I wasn't too bothered by it thinking I was just imagining it and fell off to sleep.

Now I think Michael's ghost is all around me watching day and night which is pretty cool but at the same time it scares me.

Is this normal or do I need to get help?

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  • Don't worry once you get older and are no longer a young boy he will go away

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  • I used to have this obsession with richard ramirez but once i had a dream that i sucked his dick and then it kinda jus went away.

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  • Ok, I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan believe me. But sometimes when you're so obsessed with somebody, because they're always in your mind, you begin to associate them with every little thing in your life. This is probably why you think he's "haunting you".

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  • The part about feeling someone sit next to you is very strange. But otherwise than that, you have no evidence that he is watching you. If I were you, I would dismiss the idea of him watching you.

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  • From a medical stand point that sounds like schizophrenia, from a spiritual one you might have psychic ability.

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