Is it normal to think islam needs to modernized?

As an atheist I have no bias towards any religion, but I can't help but seem that since Islam is seemingly shielded from all criticism for fear of being labeled "Islamophobic" that it will never change because it cannot be criticized. Constructive criticism leads to change. If people who criticize Islam are bigots and racists, how will Islamic countries ever be convinced to give women better rights, end cruel punishments within Sharia Law, and destroy all terrorists sects?

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  • Islamist countries need to be nuked from the face of earth. Its the only solution for the muslim problem.

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  • Replace the word "modernized" with "abolished" and I'd be with you 100%.

    Though, realistically, modernization would be one of the best ways to go forward in a world with over 1 billion Muslims.

    To modernize Islam, or any other religion, you have to cherry pick and disobey parts of it that don't fit the times.

    An attempt at modernization would sensibly meet resistance from any good Muslim.

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  • I am not Islamic or for them in any sense of the word. That being said not everyone embraces change. Change isn't always a good thing and what you think is good change, may just destroy a culture and civilization.

    This could apply to any culture like Mennonites or Amish for example, not just Islam.

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  • All religions should be banned once for all .... start with develop countries force every immigrant to leave his religion and his other social cults before moving to developed lands, and ban killing all kinds of animals for food.

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