Is it normal to think i sound stupid?

When i speak i think i sound like a complete idiot, but other people dont say anything about it. It might be that im just imagining things or that people thing im retarded or something so they dont say anything to be polite, but i genuenly think i sound like an idiot when speaking, is it normal?

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  • As a general rule, if someone has sufficient insight to be afraid that they come across to others as stupid, that usually means they're of at least average intelligence. One of the awful things about truly stupid people is that they're simply incapable of comprehending how ignorant they are, and they believe they're talking sensibly when they're spouting total BS.

    A fact of life that you might try to bear in mind: There are nasty, critical people in the world who are always looking for a reason to belittle or mock others (usually because they're trying to feel better about themselves in comparison) but most people - especially most younger people - are far too preoccupied with thinking about how they appear to others to focus much on what others are saying and how they're expressing themselves.

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  • so do I except people DO comment on it. They ask me what country I'm from or they ask me to repeat myself about 5 fucking times.

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  • honestly, i think the same thing sometimes

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  • That’s the result of a critical upbringing which led to very poor self esteem. Learn to appreciate your value and uniqueness.

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