Is it normal to think "depression" is a 1st world/internet age disease?

Seems like ppl with depression just so happen to live in 1st world countries and glued to the internet all day. In my opinion its a 1st world country disease to cope with being lazy, unmotivsted, and basically no sense of accomplishment.

If its so bad, then why arent kids with depression in separate classes like mentally handicapped kids are?

Please help me understand

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  • Clinical depression has been around for a heck of a long time. It is recorded in ancient civilisations, albeit under different names. The Ancient Greeks used to believe it was caused by an imbalance of the four humours.

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  • not gonna deny some people use the label as an excuse or for attention. but for every one of those out there, many more genuine cases of depression are out there. it's been around for years around the world.

    mental health knowledge is ever improving, but sadly, not to the general public. unless you're a mental health professional, or have experience with mental illness in some way, you're probably not gonna understand jack shit. you've proved THAT point by stating your opinion on it being to "cope with being lazy" and "unmotivated."

    there's a lot of explanation to be done to explain why your views are so violently misinformed but all i can speak from is experience. and i dont have time for all that lmao

    basically you dont seem to understand depression, like, at all

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  • It’s a common condition that people in all history, everywhere, sink into when something is going drastically wrong in life. It’s just your brain telling you incase you didn’t consciously recognise there’s an issue, which happens all the time.

    You sir, are a dopey kook.

    Good day.

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    • Well this isn't the issue. Most youth these days say the depression is due to no underlying issues or external causes.

      If it was simply due something drastically wrong in life, that would make sense. The issue however, is those that say its simply a "chemical imbalance" with no cure, that apparently makes them depressed for no external reason at all...
      Can you attest to this

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      • That’s actually part of my point, it comes on because you’re often unaware there’s an issue at all and the body is reacting to this. The conscious and subconscious are two different terms for a reason.

        I do know what you’re getting at, and that may often be because kids these days are told about all these issues they can have so they simply adopt them by choice, for the label. There’s a horrible narcissistic need for attention you see on the net where you hoards of these people saying “I’ve got this and that” for attention. Social media had a very large hand in engineering these characters. When I was at school we had a couple of kids with serious mental illness, nowadays 90% of teens claim they’re bipolar 😂

        It’s the same syndrome as when you meet people who claim that everybody and everything victimises them, because they are addicted gaining sympathy from people.

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  • Internet depression is just down steam of internet narcissism. The whole selfie culture is seriously narcissistic if you dont get attention your brain thinks up reasons to why you arent getting attention leading to depression.

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  • Where are you from?

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