Is it normal to think alcoholics anonymous does not work?

Well I went to AA for 2 years and have worked the steps two times with two different sponsors and found it very invasive. And the men and women predatory. I did make lots of friends but the program sucks. I think I could have become sober by myself with my own therapist as sponsors are not therapists but some and most I met act like they are.

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  • It depends, but I do agree, to a point, about the predatory statement. I went to a version of AA when my ex-wife was drinking heavy, for Families of Alcoholics. While I did find it helpful to at least hear other's similar experiences and how they dealt with them, I also noticed a least a few guys there to take advantage of and pick up women.

    One woman, a cultured, gorgeous, Manhattan blonde, got asked out her first night at at meeting. I thought, jeez, at least let her attend a few weeks before you try to jump on her. Best thing was, I ended up being good friends with her.

    For the drinker themselves, I still feel it's entirely up to them to stop. They need to hit rock bottom and realize..This just isn't working.

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  • AA does work if you are willing to admit alcohol is ruining your life. If you think AA is not working then you haven't hit your personal rock bottom.

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  • Going on my third year. Haven’t picked up a drink a drug.

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  • I have seen people get periods of sobriety but I regretfully doubt that anyone with decades is telling the truth. If they are I doubt they were alcoholic to begin with. Even the founders continued to experiment with drugs.

    I've been in AA for decades but I have never had any substanial amounts of time, and the revolving door of AA is all too real. Most people stick around for 2 years or so then disappear. Who knows if they are drinking or not.

    That being said, I think I would be dead if it wasn't for AA. It has kept me sober for longer stretches than I could have accomplished on my own.

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  • Works for some not for others. I have no doubt the organisation has done & continues to do some sterling work.

    AA to me, seems like some quasi-cult.

    Self-reliance is the key.

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