Is it normal to think about suicide?

I think about suicide everyday. I’m going to work tomorrow, so it’s not like I’m thinking of walking over to a cliff and jumping off right now. But I often think about my death, and how relieving it seems to an escape from the constant stress. I can almost feel my shoulders become less tense at the thought of my death. Despite this, I do have a fear of death at the same time.

I don’t have much interests. Other than finding someone or something in life that will make it worth living again.

Everything has become boring to me, even love. I could be single or married and be just as discontent/bored. I have a void that nothing can fill. Is it normal?

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  • Please get help buddy, Trust me life is a WILD rollercoaster, There are plenty of lows that seem un escapable but don't jump off the ride! I guarantee you there are more peaks ahead... life can change in very unexpected ways, and even though you may not feel it, fake it till you make it, you will make will smile again, you will be happy takes time...please hold on! ok ! <3 you need someone to talk to just respond to this post I will talk to you about anything you want for as long as you want whenever i can right here on this thread.

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  • I don't really know if it's "normal" or not but as someone who's felt pretty similar, it could be time to reach out for help. I was in counseling in my early teens for Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT) and it helped to shift my focus. It doesn't teach you to "stop" painful or difficult feelings but it can help you learn to cope.

    You won't feel this way forever, things will get better when you talk to people/someone about how you feel. It may be painful at first or hard to figure out how to begin but it's so worth it.

    You deserve to have a full life and be happy. Talk to your GP or call the Samaritans (a helpline for people who need to talk it out) 01 671 0071 in Ireland.
    There are a ton of helplines out there and is another option if you can't see a doctor immediately. Do a Google search for "(your country) helpline".

    Give it a chance and stay safe x

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  • It is not normal. It is depression. It can be treated, and things can get better.

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  • i can literally relate to your post word for word, i guess it's normal but depends on how much you think about it / the intensity of the thoughts

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  • I think it’s normal to feel empty and numb at times, I mean the repetitive nature of survival in this society can do that. I think our thoughts just dramatise things when these feelings are put next to thoughts about our mortality. I voted normal. But instead of thinking like this maybe change your mindset and start thinking about how you can fit more things into your life that make you happy, what you want to work towards, etc.

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  • You need a good hobby!

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  • What are you stressed about?

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  • Get help please mate! You sounds seriously depressed.

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  • You need to get help for your deep depression, and suicidal ideation.

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    • YES, Although you may not feel like it, looking back later on in life you'll probably look at seeking help as the best choice you ever made, even though it may not feel that way now.

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