Is it normal to talk to "spirits" and wanting to believe they're there?

I've been talking alone in my room like there's someone there to listen but incapable to answer.

I sleep on the floor right next to under the bed and I sleep with a mirror facing me. I keep hoping there's a ghost there somewhere and that wants a friend. I keep saying that "it's okay to come out".

It's so lonely here..

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  • Ghosts, don’t be ridiculous.

    They’re clearly demons.

    Or maybe goblins or something.

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  • They are demons, not spirits of dead people. Stay away from them.

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  • I've definietely been haunted and grown up having many experiences in my family home that my family experienced too so yeah. I always talk to myself and I sometimes like to believe someone might be listening. I am not afraid of spirits but they annoy me so I like the idea of a spirit being trapped here having to listen to my bs.

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  • I know the feeling, of being alone, but I've made it to 62. Loneliness can be good. alone-time

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  • It’s either supernatural energy you’re picking up on or you’re descending into paranoid schizophrenia
    Could be worse I suppose

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  • Reminds me of my grandmother on my mother's side when she screams & wails in the middle of the night claiming she's talking to God.

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  • You're either weird or want proof that ghost are real.

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