Is it Normal to suck on the Teabag after drinking the Tea

Hey guys,

So I just started drinking Tea and I personally love tea now. I drank my first cup a couple days ago and when I finished the cup I didn't hesitate to suck the rest of the tea out of the Teabag, It didn't taste gross or strong. Just tasted like the Tea itself. So when I did this infront of my friend she looked a little shocked and asked what I was doing. Apparently its not common practice to suck the excess Tea from the bag. She asked why I didn't just squeeze the bag instead of sucking on it but that wouldn't feel the same. I don't even stick the bag in my mouth. I put it up to my lips and slurp the tea out. Is it normal to do this? At Least in my own home? Or is it really wierd? I personally don't see a problem with it but I don't want to be judged for doing it in public.

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  • Teabagging is highly disgusting.

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  • It can't happen. The teabag has to be long gone from the cup before you even add milk.
    Unless you're one of those Johnny Foreigner oddballs who drinks tea without milk and leaves the bag in the cup!

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  • Of course its normal to suck the tea bag after you take it out of the cup of tea. It still has tea sucked into it.

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  • wow prince charles on iin!

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  • I have a fear that the bag will break and I'll get tea stuff in my mouth. I think it's 100% normal to want that last teaspoon of steeped tea in the bag. I think in your house you set yout own normal. I feel that in public an adult suckling anything is not normal.

    However, everyone seeing you suck you tea bag probably understands the desire. I think if you raise that tea bag to your lips with panache, gusto, aplomb; basicially if you own it: I suspect people will be impressed by your strength of character and your corageous breaking of social convention. I think you'll be able to have your tea and drink it too. ;-)

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