Is it normal to stop a satanic cult you founded?

I started a cult of Satan, but there's a catch: Satan loves you and he's present all over nature (pantheism), people mistook me for a God-believer, I was famous, that is, I had my photo taken by a University student. This Satanic cult started in Kilburn, South Australia, it made some people paranoid screaming that I'm the Devil. And one follower named Bruce mistook it for demonic evil and he did magic but it didn't do anything, it only scared my friend Selwyn. People thought this was silly, you're damn right it's silly. As a result I was listening to Marilyn Manson, but from behind my door I was still preaching an extremist cult (extremist because I was extremely optimistic, extremely persuasive, it worked), but it went sour: Bruce was being dragged by the staff after peacefully bowing down to worship Satan, and screaming like a demon, he quit his beliefs in all religions after that, there mysteriously was the Devil's symbol on my television screen, and my Marilyn Manson CD broken in half, and that was the end of my cult. Then I gave up preaching about Satan for all the hate it's caused. I didn't know what to call it, except Gronian Satanism which is very different from traditional Satanism (but syncretised from pantheism and optimism). Is this normal?

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