Is it normal to still have dreams about school?

I graduated high school 3 years ago.on most nights, I either don't dream or if I do I don't remember them. But occasionally I do wake up remembering my dreams. It seems the most often dream I have is me being in a class in high school. Is it normal to still have dreams about high school years after I graduated?

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  • I dream about my old classmates every other night, usually the ones who were mean. Your brain deals with things while you sleep. I believe there is a reason for why you dream of certain people often and others almost never even if they were a big part of your life. As for high school itself, well dreams are symbolic. Your mind creates symbolic images while dealing with anything you have stuck in our subconcious. Only you can figure it out really, it comes down to how you felt about high school and think about if there's anything in your life currently that makes you feel the same way. Or do you have bad memories from that time in your life that you haven't worked through? Or it could simply mean that you're learning a lot of life lessons right now hence seeing a school in your dreams.

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  • Yes I do. And I have been out of college a long time. But my dreams are like, I have a final and I haven't been to class all semester. Or I have a class to go to but I can't find the building that the class is in.

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  • It just means you have memories from the past.

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