Is it normal to stay in a relationship without much trust

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we have a 4 year old child. We have many arguements and I always feel like I'm alone. I hold in everything because he does not listen when we talk and everything turns into me being wrong or upsetting him. I have wanted to walk out so many times but I grew up without my mom and dad and I don't want that for my child. I'm only trying to make things work my child which I feel is wrong.

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  • Leave the asshole.

    It's better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel alone.

    No one's life is perfect. Yours wasn't mines wasn't and nit her was anyone else's life.

    The point is, your child is better off having one parent that has knowledge, wisdom, backbone and common sense who puts their foot down than 2 have two parents who get nowhere together and show no signs of changing that situation.

    To give your child better yiu must first be better. Even if that's alone.

    If the fucker comes back it better be to be a man and not extra weight. If he doesnt. Good. Room for a man to show you how a woman should be treated.

    Grow some balls and be that woman!

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  • No matter what kind of act the parents put on, kids pick up on the fact that something's wrong and it will lead to other problems. If it's not working out with you two, perhaps you should cut your losses and leave? I knew kids who had parents that tried to stick together for their sake. They either picked up on the fact that their parents didn't love each other/were acting, or they had to put up with their parents fighting. They all have some sort of problem now as adults. They're either in and out of jail or they're struggling with mental issues like depression or anxiety that's so bad they can't function enough to work or take care of themselves.

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    • Seek therapy first. Your intentions are good so get as much counseling as you can before you give up

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  • Talk about it with him and try to make things work, if he's deaf and blind about the situation, leave him. Maybe you'll find someone more deserving of you.

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  • Well first off, it's never smart to have a kid with a boyfriend and not a husband. But that aside, there are really only two sources of relationship troubles:

    1: Money
    2: The woman isn't acting feminine enough/The man isn't acting masculine enough

    Addressing problem 2 is also called 'making it work'. Hard to tell if you or your boyfriend or both of you aren't making it work, but go a week without arguing. Don't force him to listen to anything. In fact, agree with him even if you think he's being unreasonable.

    See what happens. And please, report back.

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