Is it normal to stare at girls feet

i was at school toady doing my own work then a girl sat by me and put her feet on my croch area and started rubbing her feet back and forth making me hard and she kept going faster and telling me not say anything but she kept going faster and she said to me i can feel you cock cumming and then once that was done she left and went back to er seat and said don't tell anyone so i was wondering if that was normal so yeah go ahead and tell me down below thanks guys and girls

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  • Seems legit.

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  • I jerk off naked

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  • Yes believe it or not its just dick teasing girls .seeing if they can make a lad cum without being undressed my grandson told me about the things girls do nowadays

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  • Was she barefoot ?
    How old is she and you ?
    Has she ever seen a naked boner cock in person ?
    What did she say about your nut sack ?
    Did you ask her if her bald cunt got wet when she was giving you a foot job ?
    What did you do all day with wet pants from your cum ?
    Did she ask you if she could suck your cock or if you would fuck her after school and lick her bald twat and deep rim her poop chute when she sits on your face , so she can cum , piss , fart , shit on your face ?
    Will she let you stick your cock all the way up her Hershey Highway and then when you pull it out , will she suck your dirty cock and balls caked with her shit ?

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