Is it normal to stand up for what you believe in exactly always & not stop?

Even now, I'm standing up for what I believe in. Logic hasn't persuaded anyone, if I'm a morally good person, reasonable, nice, decent, people will punch me, what's needed is discipline: give them a set of rules and tell them it's not a rule if you want to dissuade them, that's a belief I'll cling to (rule consequentialism), because I believe in minimal rules, I don't believe in millions and millions of rules to follow, I like to keep it simple. Therefore be very busy and don't be lazy, don't beg for any items in public, mercy and justice, humility, no pleasure, no doctors or medicine, use mind-healing and that's it. I denounced logic and reason, it doesn't persuade people if you tell them it's reliable, so I'll throw the book with people and not reason with them, every nanosecond I have to be careful, because if I slip up for just one second, even privately, and actually catch my breath, which is very easy, people will challenge my beliefs, I have to be conscious even when I sleep, I have to talk talk talk about my beliefs and wake up just in time, and I have to do what I believe and show them what I am and not what I'm not, to persuade people to believe I am what I believe in, one mistake and they'll say "you've been arguing all day", I don't want people to say or think that, I want them to say "you don't argue", and have to be on the watch out for that. I see the world as we're all doomed and I want people to accept that, and if I slip up they'll put me down for being a pessimist. I believe in not recycling, and I want people to accept that this is true, so I'm always, exactly always, standing up for what I believe in and I never rest, is that normal?

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