Is it normal to spend more money to eat healthily?

For the past weeks I've been spending my money on loads of seafood and I've been addicted to it.

Not only seafood but also fruits and vegetables.

Is any of this normal?

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  • spend a mint on a loada produce tryinta be healthy and it fuckin rots in 3 days

    farmed or wild caught seafood? hows yalls mercury levels?

    also usin the word addiction might be a bit much

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    • You could consider it an addiction if it gets to the point where OP forces him/herself to only eat select foods (i.e. orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating). From the post it sounds like OP just likes eating good food though.

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  • If it doesn't cut into your other expenses then it's perfectly normal to buy better food when you can afford better food.

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  • Its not as expensive as people act like to eat healthy

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  • No just build up an immunity to fast food and you'll be good

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  • Is fine.

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  • It is actually more expensive to eat better food. The lowest cost "food items" in many stores are not the most healthy items. Lots of research backs this up.

    My personal food budget almost doubled; and I lost 90 lb - just essentially by changing what I ate (locally grown grass fed beef and pork where I know how the animals are raised is not cheap meat), without any focus on the quantity.

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  • I love fruit!

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