Is it normal to spend a long time defining things?

I've just been going through life for at least 6 months or so now just defining things in my life like what love is, what friendship means, what it means to be X, et al. Just random things in my day to day that I notice in a conversation or from people watching or whatever really. I just make a lot of connections that lead me to defining things better, more accurately, in ways that I can use it all with synergy in who I am in the moment.

I would say I'm a spiritual person following the karmic path.

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  • It seems you care about the opinions of other's that they outshine yours.

    This can be bad for your health, I know. I used to care way too much about others opinions. I used to defend for my beliefs and used my experience to my perspective.

    Now I just say my opinion and just leave it as that. I mean someone told me to burn cause I was wearing a witches hat yesterday. I found it hilariously cute and mumbled "what an idiot".

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