Is it normal To spank your wife in front of friend? I did an loved it ?

Because she got into fight with my boss's wife and torn her dress. I spanked Her bare ass in front of the boss.

Is It Normal?
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  • Did she like it? If so then its fine and but if not then its porn scene hot but out of line.

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  • well she liked it then of course its normal

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  • It's fun sometimes..My hot older sister did a football party at my home bar, being our bartender and server, and wore short, cotton shorts that showed off half of her ass cheeks. My guys all got in their feels and smacks, and during halftime, as she passed me on the two-seat sofa, she shook her ass in my face. I pulled her down, she was laughing like crazy, laid her across my knees, yanked the shorts down to expose her thonged ass, and flat-handed spanked her several times in a row.

    She was laughing and shrieking in pain as my hand made her perfect ass beet red (helped along by at least one smack each from the guys) until she begged me, red-faced, to stop. After I gave her a few more, I did let her up and she continued working, saying often how much her ass hurt, couldn't sit down, BUT..She found it fun because it was such a surprise.

    I've wanted to spank her again, planned or unplanned, and involve the other guys ever since.

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