Is it normal to social isolate myself?

I keep hiding in a room and I trap myself in a room and my parents want me to get out but I refused to get out, not to mention I find myself never solving my own problems I know this might sound like a bad thing but I want to know if this is normal that I withdraw myself from everyone and withdraw myself from my friends, from there I keep my opinions and thoughts hidden. Then again I do this because of loneliness, perhaps there's something I've been lacking from all of this time.

I also want to know if social isolation could end up me being depressed?

Because my dad asked me if I'm really depressed but I cannot tell if I am near the road of it because of it.

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  • To be completely honest I think you are quite depressed. These are harsh times we're living in these days, and probably make it hella easier to get depressed.

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  • It's likely that it's normal. If you like to not be around people, that means you have SOCIAL ANXIETY or you're an UNHEALTHY INTROVERT. These mean you do not like to be near anyone and like to self isolate yourself. If you're a teenager, it's normal, teens deal with this stuff a lot, so it's fine.

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  • You got the sads I think

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