Is it normal to shower after every time i poop?

After I take a shite , I've the absolute feeling o' filth swarm over me. I have to wipe , wash my hands and shower each time. If there's air-freshener ; I have to spray it.
I cannot go in public restrooms and have held it for hours upon hours before when far from home just to not go.
I'm lactose intolerant ; so if I know I'm going somewhere I do not have any dairy what-so-ever until I return home.
I just can't.

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  • Damn, your life revolves around your bowel movements.

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    • I guess (:P).
      Tbf though ; I still eat alot of ice-cream (usually mint with grapes) , so bathroom trips are like once every day atleast.

      My hair sometimes gets super dry though from all the showering if I don't condition every 2nd time.

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  • That sounds like a legit problem, especially if you hold yourself for hours because of it, that can cause health problems. In addition to that you probably over-shower, drying out your skin and waste a lot of electricity which costs more money. Just do normal wiping, maybe put water on the paper to help poop come off if anything. That is enough for just about anyone. Showering once a day in addition keeps you well inside acceptable clean range

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  • No you should shower when you have to. Plus it feels pointless showering again you should do it unless you really stink of shit.

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    • "It feels pointless showering again" - Every gamer after their mother asks them to shower for the 8th time in a week (XD).

      I get where you're comin' from though ; it's a waste of water and soap and shit ; and that's expensive.

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