Is it normal to seriously consider believing in the cthulhu mythos?

I feel drawn to it and like I feel I kind of halfway believe in the creatures I have learned about so far like Cthulhu and Azathoth among others. Still in the process of learning. I have had a few dreams of Cthulhu awakening, which kind of started that interest. I also listened to music of it for a long time and gradually started giving more thought to it. During the last few month of 2020 I even believed Cthulhu would awaken up by the end of the year, the world has been kind of doomsday-like lately and almost everyone is feeling that way.

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  • Try chanting the following:

    Ia iak sakkakh ia sakkakth Ia shaxul Ia kingu Ia cthulu Ia azbul Ia azabua

    This should summon Ninnghizhidda lord of plagues.

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  • I don't believe in chipotle lol. Taco bell is way better.

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  • *munches fried calamari with interest*

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  • I mean cthulu however the speak thats spelt is a relatively modern invention. It's possible older deities exist but relatively unlikely

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  • No it’s not normal. HP Lovecraft was a fantastic writer way ahead of his time, but they are works of fiction and it sounds like you’re obsessing. I can relate to feelings of wanting to escape and immerse yourself in a fantasy world, but remember that’s all it is. A fantasy.

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