Is it normal to see your cousin naked

hi i'm 21 male. i have this cousin who is 1 year older than me. she seem not to be shy in front of me. she been naked in front of me many times and after sometime den i get naked in front of her. we ever sleep in the nude (without having sex) and even bath together. there is a few time she need my help to shave her pussy and she help to shave mine. is this normal??

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  • as soon as you brought the word pussy into this i suddenly realised... your a ATTENTION SEEKING wanker.. do you get horny kicks out of these fake stories you weird person...

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  • dont have will regret it

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  • Did she ask you to rub lotion on it/her after? Hopefullt so. Just dont have sex.

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  • This sounds likes you all are crossing boundaries that cousins should really not cross. To avoid future awkwardness, especially if someone in your family finds out, you guys might want to chill out a little bit.

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