Is it normal to see/hear/talk to others no one else sees?

Ever since I can remember, I have been able to communicate with beings considered ghosts, demons, aliens, entities, etc. I can speak a language older then any known language. I have seen creatures move in fog that no movie has ever created. I watched as the little black things move swiftly watching.. and the tall ones as well. The ancient giant ones are more stealth like. I watched as 'the grey ones' landed.. The night Hells Gate opened, Death glided in front of my windows.. btw.. there was so much crap right there, a cat would've had a hard time. The lights turned on by themselves, but switch remained off.. I lost my breath, got so cold I could see my breath I ended up taking a nitroglycerine. My BF wouldn't wake up. The same night, some one I met about a week later had similar experience. He's still afraid of the dark! I seem to be able to calm restless spirits down. I have visions of certain Indian massacres, if I stand on that ground. I feel their pain.. I know things that I can't explain. My son is the same way. . Is this normal? Weird? And if I'm given meds to block what I see... Doesn't work. I just can't speak to them and am a zombie state. I walk around talking to the spirits daily..

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  • What a load of bs!

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  • One time I use to take a lot of drugs for years and I started having lots of mental 9ssues. I heard the sound of static like a radio was left on at work and im like looking around and my coworkers were like wtf are you doing. I said in trying to turn that radio off im sick of listening to that static. They were like theres no radio dude

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  • None of this is actually happening. It's important you accept that before anything else. That acceptance might be just what you need for your meds to work.

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  • Get yourself to your doctor asap. You might be schizophrenic.

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  • What is your psychiatric diagnosis, and what sort of illicit drugs do you take? Do you take a lot of psychedelic drugs?

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