Is it normal to see dots everywhere?

Ive been able to see these pixelation like dots ever since i can remember. I can see them with my eyes open or closed. I am able to start controlling the shapes and am starting to control the color of these dots once they form a shape. I have always seen after images as well. Even with people and objects that are not glowing and even in darker settings i see after images and wonder if there is any correlation? I have seen other threads on this subject and know im not alone. I want to know if there is anyone that knows whats going on exactly or a community of some sort? Can any of you relate? Give me your experiences if so. Any useful information is appreciated. I researched snow vision and its still there with my eyes closed and in a blackedout room. Im not talking about the blue sky and white dots due to the white blood cells near the retina either.

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  • As long as I can remember I've also had the same floaters and sparkles too.

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  • I also see dots (floaters), but they don't make shapes. Sometimes when I stare at things in the light for a while, and close my eyes, that shape outline remains and then disappears again. I've been diagnosed with light sensitivity. I use anti-glare on my glasses and also use an app on my phone to filter blue light.

    That's as much as I can relate to you. Rather speak to an opthalmologist.

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  • Same. Do you get lines and trails too? The shapes even change when I take my glasses on and off. Visual snow was the closest I found, other than the paranormal.

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  • It is normal because when u stare at light little dots will float around.

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