Is it normal to punish a child for self harm?

My youngest daughter was upset that I cleaned her room for her. (I had told her I was doing so) I asked her to sort through the rest of the stuff I had not gotten to. She was visibly distraught and yelled at me for "Violating her personal space" and her "freedom of expression" I tried to explain to her that because she was my child, they were my personal space, and my freedom of expression. She was on the floor, scratching, punching, and biting herself. She was crying and I wanted her to stop making a scene and just be fucking grateful, so I told her she would not be allowed to have Halloween if she did not stop harming herself.

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  • Personality space?

    Get that kid some therapy instead of punishing her. In what way did your child say you had violated her personal space?

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  • This is all just my opinion and I am wrong all the time. But It sounds like she needs more attention to me. Maybe if yall do things together more and treat her like her opinion does matter but explain why you believe shes wrong calmy and be the voice of reason but try not to play the "youre just a kid what do you know" thing because then she jist gonna shut down probably and wont listen to anyth8ng you say after that.

    But if she is kicking and biting on the ground she definitely needs to be punished for that. Thats crossing the line and she should learn theres gonna be consequences for that type of thing. You were right to punish her. But make sure you choose your battles if its always scolding her then that could probably affect her confidence. Try to have more good interactioms than bad.

    With kids I feel like you are programming them for their future. When they get older every little parenting thing you've done will be seen. Also I worry about the victim mentality that the young ones have now try to point that out if she gets into that its gonna hurt her.

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  • Just in case you're serious, get your kid some therapy. That's not normal behavior.

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  • Bs. This is a troll post.

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  • Try a flogging.

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  • With situations like self-harm have you tried talking it out with her about why she's doing this?

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