Is it normal to predict the future in your dreams

This has happened more then once but here is the most recent example. A good friend of mine has been struggling with fertility for 2 years now. At the start of July I had a dream she told me she was pregnant. That was the whole dream, a 10 second clip of her saying she was pregnant. I texted her as soon as I woke up and she replied “I wish”. Fast forward a couple of weeks, she went for bloodwork and found out she was pregnant. I was the first person she told. We looked up her charts and dates and it turns out I had that dream the same day she ovulated. Weird or what?

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  • I knew this nigga who would find a black cat ontop of his newspaper every single morning when he opened his apartment door. that nigga swore da newspaper was dated one day into da future. so he ran around trying to save shit. I told him "nigga you ain't Batman, here smoke this heroin" and now he da president of America

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  • Yeah, that has happened to me a few times but with very small things. Pretty cool. No idea how it works or if there is any science explaining such occurances.

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  • time is not linear

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  • I'm a rationalist, and I don't believe it's possible to predict the future in the way it's depicted in movies or books. I find the idea of predestination offensive, and in most real-world situations there are far too many random variables (often involving the decisions people make from moment to moment) to be able to predict exactly what will happen even in the near-term future.

    However, I do believe that there's constantly stuff going on in our heads that we're not aware of, and it's possible for us to pick up clues which we don't consciously notice and for our brains to also make connections subconsciously.

    There's also something called confirmation bias. This cognitive bias leads us to tend to notice and recall information that confirms our prior beliefs, and to ignore or minimise any evidence that suggests our beliefs are wrong. In this case, you obviously wouldn't be asking the question if you'd had the dream, told your friend about it and she still wasn't pregnant. But because what you dreamed came true, you ascribe great importance to it.

    If you want to find out if you do indeed have the amazing ability to predict the future in your dreams, get into the habit of making a note of every one you can recall every morning, and then review them periodically to see how many have come true. I'd be willing to bet that you'll only be decide that you do have this super-power if you apply the usual psychic jiggery-pokery of ascribing great mystical significance to things that your waking logic could have deemed likely to happen, calling a whole dream 'true' when actually only a couple of things in it happen, handwaving away an awful lot of nonsensical dreams as not _really_ counting as failures, and declaring that some specific things you dream about have come true, but only in a metaphorically sense.

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  • Sometimes the predictions could tell a lot in the near future and the upcoming future.

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  • There’s only one time I thought I predicted the future, but it was pretty lame

    I was like 10 or 11 and I dreamt that a guy pulling a trailer would break down and come ask my dad for help
    And it happened the next day

    Swore I had powers back then

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