Is it normal to place all non-normality on the shelf of the non-normal?

I know I'm not normal, not yet! But I place this on the shelf of non-conformist/non-normal, I don't belong in the category of the normals because to an extent this requires a perfection, and since I'm sick I'm not normal, simple! Anyone in a wheelchair may be acting normal but they're not normal people, think of anything and I'll point out it's not normal: autism, Asperger's, Jesus, Christianity (even though the two are usual), just being usual, amorality, immorality, weirdos always changing, the insane, veganism, liquitarianism, inventing your own Christianity, inventing your own post-theism, lots of things are anti-normal when most things are normal. Smartness and sanity aren't normal either, normal and sane are not the same thing. I've seen some mentally non-normal sane people, including Abba (extremely sane), and myself (extremely sane). My mind is thorough with everything I do and I anticipate and appraise everything I do therefore I'm extremely sane, it's detailed. My smartness, wisdom, supergenius, sanity, etc are all extreme sanity, as smartness is always sane, e.g. it's good for the mind, learn that, sane simply means "having a good mind", that's the definition of sanity and the above definition is the only way to achieve it. If I'm thinking of sanity I'm sane, if I'm thinking of smartness I'm sane, if I'm thinking of supergenius I'm sane, all brainpower styles are sane, people are stupid, they can't define sane, there's a lot more sane people than you think, even psychopaths are sane (some sane people have mental disorders, therefore some autistics are sane, therefore, not mad is a wrong definition). I'm not arguing about sanity, I'm saying all this is usual or common but it's not normal. If sanity was normal everyone would be sane and it will never change or improve. Most people are sane, but it's not normal, it follows no norms. Think about it, it has no model for sanity, do your own work. Sanity is normally put in a class of doctors and the government who decide you're sane, it's a lie! Only a very good dictionary can be trusted in what's sane. Implying that the lexicographer is sane. It's not ordinarily done, normal is the hardest thing to do to yourself, but I'm making beeganism the norm. This would be normal if I keep doing it. Therefore is it normal to call the non-normal, even your non-normal self, non-normal?

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