Is it normal to pee on myself in the shower

Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed peeing on myself in the shower. I like to pee in my mouth (I am a male) in my face and on my body.

I am not into others peeing on me.

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  • I guess it's normal? It's a pretty...vanilla fetish and at least it's in the shower so you'll be getting cleaned up afterward.

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  • I am a girl I started pissing in the shower because the toilet was separate, I clamp my legs together tightly and piss myself it feels really great the warm piss running down my legs, those who have not tried it do so

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  • i like to do it
    besides piss isn't dirty and the running water will wash it away

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  • Loved the prude comment. I do not believe in judging others.

    I will have to think on widening my sexual pleasures!

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  • Hmmmm. Brown I will have to pass but may consider taking it a little further with the right person.

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    • -
    • Amember , try receiving brown showers from HOT chiquita's.
      The brown showers are smoking HOT , in more ways than one.

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  • I do this too and I DO like it from girls.

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  • Let females sit on your face , facing your cock , so their ass cheeks and ass crack are planted on your face , and give you golden showers , all over your face , chest , belly , cock , and in your mouth.
    Let them give you brown showers too , on your face , in your mouth , on your chest and belly and on your cock and ball bag.
    Let them bleed , cum , piss , fart , shit all over your face and body , and then you clean up her bald cunt , ass cheeks and ass crack and asshole with your tongue.

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  • peeing in the shower = normal
    peeing all over yourself = not normal

    still sanitary
    but would definitely make other people think you are weird,
    mostly the mouth part.

    I personally get annoyed just when my pee decides to run down my butt cheek when i'm on the toilet, so I'd rather not have pee on me.

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  • So dirty!

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  • It seemed fine till you said you also did it in your mouth... maybe to stop get water and food colouring and drink it in the shower. Might help otherwise I would probably seek treatment the body is fine though just NOT the mouth your taking the shit your body is trying to get rid of and reinserting it into your mouth, that can't be good

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  • I pee in the shower only because the toilet is in a different part of the house.

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  • If you were an orangutan, you could be a youtube star.

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