Is it normal to pass children to the next grade in school who are failing?

In my county they are passing failing children to the next grade with a "no kid gets left behind" idea

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  • Not normal but fuck it.. they're gonna forget all of it anyway

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  • It's normal these days. They are churning out people from grade and high school that can barely spell or do simple math.

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  • Everyone grows at their own pace. If you keep them repeating the same thing over and over just because of "failing grades" - doesnt exactly mean they do not get it. Maybe they do they just need a different challenge that catches their attention. Keep moving them forward they need that forward rhythm. Eventually everything will find its place in their heads and they will be amazing.

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  • It's normal. For the first half of elementary school I was a slacker who didn't do my homework or payed attention, yet I still passed.

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